Common Types of Employer Background Checks

If you’re job searching, you should be prepared to undergo various background checks as part of the interview or hiring process. They can vary by employer and job type, and while some employers may not be too strict, others may require you to be diligent about maintaining a clean record.

Driving History

A clean driving record is crucial for jobs that require you to get behind the wheel, but even jobs that don’t require driving could check your record as part of a general background search. A driving record background check will illuminate any violations, suspensions or accidents. If you’re applying for a position such as an ambulance or bus driver, the employer will likely require your history to be nearly if not entirely free of major violations.

Criminal History

Criminal record searches are the most popular type of background check that employers request since they want to know the person they are hiring and if they can rely on them. Checks can be done in the county, national or federal criminal databases, but county searches are most common. They allow employers to see details from reports of court records regarding any violation, including the degree and date of the offense.

Credit History

Like other types of background checks, credit history checks are important to employers because they reveal the trustworthiness of a potential employee. Many job seekers fail to realize that employers may do a check of their credit history, but it is most important to consider when applying for jobs that handle money. These types of checks don’t reveal your credit score, but they do show your history of debt, including credit card debt, loan payments and any late payments.

Job searching requires a lot of preparation. While you’re ensuring your resume and cover letter are ready to go, don’t forget to prepare for possible background checks. Your next job is right around the corner.