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Characteristics of Roof Guardrail Systems

To eliminate the danger of potential trip hazards, guardrail rooftop systems can be installed. There are varieties of guardrail systems, some of which are more effective than others.

The architectural series of roof guardrail system is capable of offering full trip protection with a visual appeal. Architectural series usually combines the non-penetrating guardrail system with an architectural appeal and is used in applications that have the appearance of the guardrail in mind. The architectural series can enhance the overall appearance of your building besides offering a protective effect around the roof edge.

An architectural series guardrail system does not penetrate the base of your roof, a characteristic that enhances the look of your roof system. The architectural series guardrail system can be used in three areas which include in new buildings, already existing buildings as well as addition to already existing guardrails. It is recommended that you choose an architectural series roof guardrail since it has up to 10 foot spacing between uprights, it has special orders for powder rail sections and it requires no drilling of holes.

The Guard Dog self-closing industrial safety gate is an easy to install rail and it is also durable. The Guard Dog self-closing industrial safety gate is designed to have diverse applications. The gate of a Guard Dog is usually fully assembled and has a securing hardware to allow a standard installation on the pipe.

An SG series standing seam metal can protect ladder egress or ingress and also a roof edge fall protection. It has a galvanized base plate to fit various types of standing seam roofs. The fact that a standing seam metal roof safety railing can offer protection on ladder areas, mechanicals and roof hatches give it a unique characteristic.

The other type of a roof guardrail is the safety rail leveling step rail that allows a smooth run of the safety rail 2000 every time the roof steps down or up.

In case the ducting on channel does not allow the use of rail section, then a Safety rail LP outrigger can be used to provide a continuous run of safety rail 2000. A safety rail LP outrigger can lead to roof trips in case it is used as a standard outrigger.

The safety rail 2000 base is capable of handling infinite safety rail positioning. The bases of safety rail 2000 comes in standard yellow or hot dipped galvanized. The base of a safety rail 2000 base can permanently be mounted with anchor bolts. Its working handles are also ideal for easy lifting and positioning.

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