Hydraulics and the AG Industry

Hydraulics and the AG Industry

Over the past few years, there have been an increase in the demand for hydraulic cylinders. This is partially due to the significant contributions hydraulics have made in industries like agriculture, mining, construction, industrial equipment, material-handling, defense sectors, and aerospace. The continuous reliance on hydraulic systems also fostered the growth of manufactures who supply the market with hydraulic cylinder seals and o rings, lubricants, valves, hoses, pumps and reservoirs. This steady stream of demand will only continue to increase as a growing global population will require more mechanized processes for food supply chains and producers.

Consistency and Cost-efficiency

The agricultural industry has seen a lot of improvements in crop cultivation, sustainable farming, and engineered products, but it has not seen as much innovation with electronic integration. This isn’t for a lack of trying, but the fact that the majority of farms are owned and operated as small businesses and private personal ventures. There are few finances available in their budget for high-tech machinery that includes the latest trends in digital design.

Hydraulics has been one are that has remained a constant to farming ventures since the invention of fluid power. Agricultural hydraulics were replacements to the traditional labor supplied by man and beast. This helped prevent injury to either while improving productivity and profit opportunities. Electrical power would have been inefficient on the farm, as hundred of acres often require attention and service. The simple mechanics of hydraulic power was a perfect substitute and could be incorporated in many areas of the farm. In fact, the hydraulic options that were available were so well constructed and easily repaired that many of the decades old machinery your grandpa used is still operational on the farm today. When the farm isn’t bringing in a huge financial surplus, many find it impractical to upgrade to new technology.

Hydraulics will continue to be a huge part of the AG industry for their efficiency and cost-effective operations. Don’t retire your old tractor just yet. It might be what keep your farm operational for years to come.