Keep a Few Things in Mind Before Heading In for Your Next DOT Physical

For countless commercial truck drivers, the Department of Transportation is more than just a governmental entity. This is the agency that requires these drivers to go into a doctor’s office every so often for a physical. The purpose, of course, is to make sure those behind the wheel of big trucks every day across the country are healthy and up to the task. Nevertheless, it can be a stressful situation for those workers unfamiliar with the process. Keep the following steps at the front of mind before making that next appointment.

Know Where to Go

There are probably several options in determining which provider of a DOT physical Corpus Christi TX represents the best option. Upon making the appointment with an acceptable facility, the next step will include comprehending the requirements and responsibilities of getting through the physical examination itself.

Know What to Expect

While all patient cases are different, the Department of Transportation has a few requisite points to include in every related checkup. Among the most important are reviews of vision and hearing abilities. Beyond that, drivers can plan to have a blood test for certain medical ailments as well as a urinalysis that will alert experts to any drug or alcohol abuse warning signs.

Know When to Go

Drivers should stay up to date on all physicals without letting the next one sneak up without proper warning or preparation. When planning the next appointment with a physician, be sure to review the requirements. It might be that a current license requires a physical at least every two years.
Though it might be a nuisance or disrupt a busy schedule, there is plenty of good reason for requiring regular medical exams. After it is all over, the doctor will provide paperwork clearing up the driving job until the next appointment is needed.