Opening Doors for Everyone

Opening Doors for Everyone

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, and since that time, new businesses and public buildings have been required to install doors that open and close automatically. This not only makes it easier for people in wheelchairs and scooters to get in and out of doors, but it helps people who have their hands full or are holding onto small children. So the next time you see automatic doors new york, think about how much easier they make everyone’s life.

Access for People With Disabilities

The law requires private businesses and government agencies to make their premises accessible to people who need to use wheelchairs, motorized scooters or crutches. There are millions of disabled people in the country and they shop and do business in government offices, just like people who do not need assistance. Businesses lose millions of dollars a year if they are not accessible to people with disabilities.

The Usefulness of Automatic Doors

People with disabilities rely on doors that open automatically, but everyone else can benefit from them, too. People carrying armloads of books in and out of libraries, shoppers going in and out of stores with packages and parents holding the hands of small children can all use automatic doors to make their lives easier. Automatic doors make moving furniture or delivering goods more convenient. There are many examples of how useful it is not to have to open a door with your hands.

Kinds of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors come in three basic types: sliding, swinging and folding.

  • Sliding doors move from side to side as people approach. They have a breakaway feature to allow them to swing if something happens to the mechanism.
  • Swinging doors often have two doors, one opening in and one opening out, to allow for two-way traffic.
  • Folding doors are a good choice where space is at a premium as they simply fold onto themselves to move out of the way.

Automatic doors are the law of the land and a necessity for many people with disabilities. They are also useful in other situations, as well.