The Two Main Considerations When Using Vehicle Signage

Your company’s vehicles are visible to the public, probably for many hours each day. It’s worth taking the time to think carefully about how their signage can best contribute to your organization’s reputation and to your marketing and advertising goals.

Focus on Your Goals

First, know what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you mainly want to build awareness of your company? In that case, using just your (professionally designed) logo and business name and/or URL may be perfect. If you want to advertise some specific feature that you offer, think how best to do that without diffusing your message with unimportant clutter. Imagine you’re seeing the vehicle from a moving car and have only a few seconds to look at it.

It’s a big mistake to put too much information on your vehicle. People can’t take that much in and end up taking in nothing. It’s distracting rather than attractive. You should showcase the one or two most important messages you want to get across: This company exists, and here’s what why you — the person reading this on our vehicle — should care.

Look Professional

The second key point when it comes to your vehicle signage is that it must look professional. Potential customers want to know that you are not a fly-by-night company. Slap-dash or temporary-looking signage, or none at all, is a big red flag.

You may want to budget for a full-body wrap or other custom vehicle graphics austin tx. Making your van memorable is fun and ideal, as long as it’s memorable for good reasons. In fact, it may be well worth consulting a graphic designer to make sure your vehicle signage is something you can be proud of.

But whatever you do, your logo and simple message should shine through. Use high-resolution graphics and a simple, high-quality font. Keep your branding consistent across all areas, from your business cards to your website to your vehicles.

Identifying your vehicles with signage and graphics can generate leads and enhance your company’s visibility and reputation. A few minutes of reflection can bring you years of powerful results.